Chateau Camon Wedding Photographer: L’Abbaye-Chateau de Camon

As Danielle and David’s Chateau Camon Wedding Photographer, I was blessed photograph a wedding in this unbelievably cool location.  I remember from the very first email from Danielle, I was taken away by how amazing this venue would be when filled with their closest family and friends for the weekend.  Personally, my favorite weddings are those in which I really get to know the guests and spend time soaking it all in! Not only is it a blast, but the photos are always more intimate and creative. I have time to explore! For my kind of photography, that’s key!

I’ll let the Bride Danielle explain the weekend for you!  She’s a much better writer than me 😀  Here’s her very thoughtful and kind review 😀  (Also available on my Google + Page)

Veronica photographed our wedding in southwest France in September 2015 and we cannot thank her enough for the unbelievable memories she captured for us and for all the help she gave us before, during and after the wedding.

What stood out about Veronica immediately was her passion for her profession and her attentive and friendly client service. She really was very different to all the other photographers that we got in contact with over email. Despite the distance (us being in London and Veronica in Barcelona), Veronica was always contactable for any questions or concerns that we had. We also had a few Skype calls which meant that we got to know each other, and Veronica’s natural warmth and professionalism meant that we were very keen to use her services almost immediately!

The wonderful thing about Veronica was how genuinely interested she was about the wedding and about us. Talking to her about the plans made them even more exciting! We were able to speak to her about our initial ideas and she went out of her way to assist with other things such as suggesting other suppliers. In the end, we found our musicians (guitarists) through her, plus she suggested and arranged our videographer. She went above and beyond what she needed to do and all with an amazing amount of enthusiasm and detail.

Veronica is clearly passionate about and very talented at what she does and this comes through when she initially talks about her work and her products all the way through to receiving the pictures. You can certainly find cheaper photographers in Europe, but she is very good at explaining why she might be charging more than other people and what you will get for the extra money. As we felt that the wedding pictures are one of the most important things from our big day, we were keen to get the best we could for the right price and we certainly felt as though we did. The service and the help that she provided was priceless in our opinion.

On the wedding weekend Veronica was relaxed, helpful, charming, professional discreet and dedicated. She was able to be present at the right times with the right groups of people, navigate the wedding party and coordinate the other suppliers all whilst being completely calm and reassuring. I trusted her completely and didn’t feel as though I had to direct her at all. She also stayed for a long time at the party, meaning that she was able to take some brilliant pictures into the early hours of the morning.

The day after the wedding Veronica came to take some additional pictures and say goodbye to everyone – well, it was as though one of the guests was leaving! Everyone had got to know her and didn’t want to see her go! She received a round of applause from all 45 guests and once she had gone I got a continuous stream of compliments about her.

We have now received the pictures and they have exceeded our expectations – they capture the weekend amazingly well and looking through them was like reliving our beautiful wedding again. She was able to capture the natural beauty of the venue where we were married and, most importantly, really captured the atmosphere of the ceremony and the whole evening. So many of the pictures are of people laughing, dancing and celebrating – the joyous, sentimental and romantic moments were portrayed so well. The touches of detail that Veronica adds even down to the USB sticks which she sends are very unique to her and make every part of dealing with her so special.

Safe to say that I would have no hesitation in recommending Veronica for anyone’s wedding or celebration. Her talent and wonderful personality shone through at all times and she played an essential part in our wedding. Thank you Veronica!

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