Pre-Wedding Photography Barcelona: City Locations

Many people ask me what all is included in a half-day Pre-wedding Photography Barcelona session: how many locations can we see? Do all the locations need to be close to each other? Can we change outfits? Etc!  Today I’m going to answer a few of those questions using one of my all-time favorite half-day pre-wedding photo sessions as an example!

In general, my response is that it totally depends on you and what you are looking for as a couple! 🙂

Some couples love to spend those 4 hours covering the whole city! They want to see A LOT of Barcelona in a relatively short amount of time, which I totally understand!  You want to take advantage of your time here.

In 4 hours, we can usually, visit 3 or 4 locations if we hire transportation. Transportation can either mean hiring a car service with driver, or catching taxis between each location.  A car service is great for optimizing time, and really necessary if you want to carry along props or outfits.

To give you an idea, a popular route for a half-day pre-wedding photography session in Barcelona would include:

  • The Gothic Quarter
  • Sagrada Familia
  • Park Guell
  • Finally the Beach! 

Visiting all four locations is a very busy, fast-paced session. But the benefit is that it gives you a lot of variety in your pre-wedding photographs. For instance, the historic architecture of the Gothic Quarter gives us scary gargoyles, toasted brick alleyways and sun drenched plazas.  While the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell offer stunning cityscapes and monumental structures.

In the Sagrada Familia we focus mainly on the outside structure of this incredible Cathedral, highlighting it’s awesome size. While we actually enter in Park Guell and explore the many hidden gems and gorgeous gardens, as well as the famous mosaic benches overlooking Barcelona. And finally, the Beach for me is the best way to end a busy session! It’s the perfect cherry on top after a go-go-go day, seeing the ocean and the candy-colored sunset sky, all while taking some romantic photographs in the sand.

If that’s one kind of pre-wedding couple, Ann and Jeremy were the other!  They preferred a more relaxed session where we could walk almost everywhere and take our time. The benefit of doing LESS locations is that you have more time for spontaneous and natural photos.

Note: there’s not one right way to have a session!  Both are totally valid! Some prefer more locations, while some people prefer more time to explore each beautiful spot. The rythm is totally up to you!

So when planning a more relaxed Pre-wedding Photography Barcelona session, like Ann and Jeremy’s that you see here, it was important focus on nearby locations that still offered us a variety of photographic backdrops. For that reason, we decided on a triangle of Barcelona Beach + the Gothic Quarter + nearby Cuitadella Park.  With these three close locations, we could have a abundance of scenery, but still walk to each! Not to mention, stop for coffee and donuts! 😉  Even though our session was very relaxed, we still had to get up super early to catch that early morning light on the beach.  But, are you kidding me?!  It’s gorgeous!!! Totally worth it!

Deciding to visit less locations meant we could take our time and really capture spontaneous photographs. Walking to locations also gives you the benefit of capturing wonderful scenes you wouldn’t normally pass by in a car. In a sense, it allows you to create a more unique pre-wedding by customizing the session literally at every turn.

Some things to consider when deciding the type of session you want to have:

  • Do I like to walk?  A lot? And will I want to wear comfortable shoes or am I a heels gal?
  • Is it important to me that my photos show famous monuments of Barcelona? If so, which 3 or 4 stand out to me the most?
  • Am I going to want to carry a heavy bag with me during the session? Or can I be ok with carrying almost nothing?
  • Do I want photos of more spontaneous moments, like laughing while having a coffee? Or do I prefer more epic, landmark based photos?

Think about what your perfect day in Barcelona would look and feel like!

Regardless of the type of session you seek, more active or more relaxed, know that we will have a great time and lots of laugh along the way. My favorite part of planning sessions is getting to know couples and telling a bit of their story. So not to worry, 4 locations or just a fun walk, your Pre-wedding Photography Barcelona session will be awesome!

Thank you again Ann & Jeremy for being such wonderful clients and people!  Truly, I absolutely loved being part of your unique session!

Veronica <3

P.S. Here’s Ann & Jeremy’s review of the experience, also available on my Google + page. 

The unforgettable experience started with an email from Ann to Veronica about the inquiries of photo sessions. Veronica is very patient and helpful about our questions, like the location and time of shooting, the outfits and even recommended a nice makeup artist. Finally we chose to shoot at the beach and gothic quarters at dawn in order to capture the best of Barcelona. Ann and I do not have many ideas of posing, but turned out  Veronica was born a photographer. She is so easy-going and we felt relaxed and fun throughout the photoshoot. It seems we were with a friend taking us to know the beautiful city.  She speaks fluent Spanish and communicates with locals to make our session more interesting. Upon receiving the photos, we could not wait to share with our families and friends. There is no doubt they all love the pictures. Ann and I were very lucky to have Veronica take the pre-wedding photos for us. we  definitely recommend her to others.

Muchas gracias

Ann and Jeremy

  1. Qi

    Hi Veronica! My name is Qi and my fiance and me are interested in a half-day session with you in Barcelona. Could you let me know what your rates would be? Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Qi! I’ve just sent you an email with all the details! 🙂

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